Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Science behind Miser Lighting

By: L. Michael Roberts, 2007 Fibro Light Technology Inc. - All Rights Reserved

In 2006, Miser lighting introduced new, energy efficient high-bay lighting fixtures based on research from Fibro Light Technology. These long lasting, energy efficient lights have the potential to save clients about 50% in energy and maintenance costs over their lifetime compared to typical Metal halide, Mercury vapour and Sodium lamps usually used in industrial lighting applications.

Many people who see the new lighting fixtures remark at how bright they appear and the high quality of light emitted from the fixtures. However, when people have compared light meter readings of the new lights with conventional lighting, the new lights are measured as producing less output on the meter than conventional lights. This has led to people questioning the installation of these lights - even though they use far less energy - as they expect that areas lit by them will not be bright enough compared to conventional lighting even though their eyes are telling them they are the same or brighter.

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