Friday, November 24, 2006

Existing Manufacturers of Induction Lighting Systems

Lamptech UK has kept a good record of induction systems currently on the market.

From the Big Three and US:

Philips QL Electrodeless Induction System Lamps:

OSRAM Endura Inductively Coupled Electrodeless:

GE Genura Self-ballasted Electrodeless Reflector:

Slyvania (Osram) Icetron Electrodeless Lamp system:


Matsushita National Electrodeless Pa-Look Ball YOU:

Last but not least, the Chinese manufacturers, including Hong Kong and Taiwan:

Amko SOLARA Induction Lights:

Tungda Dura-Lite Electrodeless Induction Lamp:

Hongyuan LVD Electrodeless Induction Lamp:

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