Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rebuilding Hawaii - Induction Lighting Systems in Parking Garages

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The introduction of new energy efficient products at Rebuild Hawaii meetings is a great way to discover an application that may meet your needs. An example of this resulted after James Thomas, Stingray Lighting, presented a new lighting system called the “Stingray Dual Reflector Induction Garage Light.” This fixture also incorporates Philips Lighting’s QL induction lamp that uses a revolutionary technology of light generation that combines the basic principals of induction and gas discharge in an A-lamp design. This new technology delivers an unprecedented 100,000 hours of high quality white light.

After this presentation, Mr. Bob Martin, Chief Engineer of 1132 Bishop Street Building, which is managed by Colliers Monroe Friedlander Management Inc., knew of the perfect application for the product. The high energy consuming light system in the building’s parking garage.

The Stingray Dual Reflector System is currently installed in two of the five floors in the parking structure and retrofitting of the remaining floors will be completed in the future. This new technology is the first of its kind in Hawaii. The garage lighting is noticeably brighter due to the white light verses yellow light (HPS).

In addition the 1132 parking garage will save approximately 50% of its former energy costs not to mention the maintenance savings generated due to the long life of the Philips Induction System. Hawaiian Electric has authorized a rebate of approximately $68.00 per fixture under its customized rebate program for this product.

You can find their presentation and photos of the installation site here.

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