Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Induction Lamps Installations at Kowloon Bay

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Ir. Martin WU Kwok-tin
Energy Efficiency Office, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department
September 2003

Executive Summary

As part of the Pilot Energy Management Opportunity (EMO) Implementation Programme using innovative energy efficient equipment, Energy Efficiency Office (EEO) of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) has completed a pilot project in March 2003 using the latest induction lighting technology in Squash Court No. 2 at Kowloon Bay Indoor Games Hall. The work covered the supply and installation of four new high-bay luminaries, completed with 2 nos. 150W induction lamps and electronic ballasts, to replace the existing six 250W metal halide high-bay luminaries in the squash court. The new induction lamps are actually fluorescent lamps without any electrodes for electrons emission. Because of the electrodeless property, induction lamps have extreme long life and the lifetime of the system is determined primarily by the lifetime of the ballast (i.e. 60,000 hours). Preliminary test results indicated that the power consumption of the squash court reduced from 1.65 kW to 1.25 kW and the average illumination increased from 470 lux to 710 lux. Other advantages of the new induction lighting system include instant flicker-free starting and restrict, higher colour rendering index (>80), lower luminous depreciation and less maintenance requirements due to a much longer lamp and equipment life. The estimated payback period lies within 5 to 8 years.

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